Friday, May 13

I'm on 7th heaven

DOn't know where to start, it's been a while, so many things to blog about.Had a new haircut last Tuesday. The shortest haircut I've ever had. Dear seems to love it, so much, he thought I look fresh, younger and so much different. I,on the other hand is trying to get used to it. Felt bald. It's between love and hate. So easy to manage tho'.

Oh, enough of that.

It's our 7th Anniversary of the fist time we become "us". Wow. [wanted to put exclamation mark here but the keyboard f Up] What would happen if dear didn't propose me to become his gf that day yeah? Hmm, will Aresha stil be here with us?
7 years of a rollercoaster ride, a very enjoyable one I must say. Feels so lucky to be lying together with our arms wrapped around each other, tonight and hopefully for eternity. Je t'aime, beaucoup.

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