Friday, May 20


Episode III was waaaaayyyy better than I and II. I love all the fight scene, a bit sad that Anakin lost his pretty face(ha!) and Amidala died tragically (of losing the one she truly love?)They really put a thought in every little details, like Amidala's bloating belly even tho' she'd just gave birth. This is the fact that most filmmaker often forget. When you gave birth, your tummy only lose few inches, not all of it! Been there, done that. It's funny when dear commented that Yoda reminded him of Aresha when he fell face down in fight scene with Lord Sidious. True to some points la, Aresha did look funny and Yoda-like when she's sleeping minus the pointy ears, of course!

Premier Class is so cool! It could only seat 40+ ppl and great for couples it's all 2 seater, spacious seat and you could order food in advance and they'll send it to you while watching the movie. For RM16, worth every penny. I'm watching for free, thanks to dear's colleague who couldn't make it. :)

Oh yeah, I'm planning to enrol myself in California Fitness, they are having this RM123 fee, the lowest price ever, and I'm on my way to their 7 day free trial. Gotta lose my spare tyre before the Europe trip. I'm not discipline enough to work out on my own, I'd rather lie down and sleep, I need motivation. Thanks dear for being so supportive, I know you want me to get back to my old figure (It's not that much, just the tummy)

On another update, Aresha is going with us to Europe. I don't have the heart to leave her. I don't think I'd enjoy myself without bringing her along with us. Eva, you have to be the babysitter when we are going to you-know-what laa. Hehe. It's gonna cost us RM919.00 because she did not acquire her own seat, just a bassinet will do.
Now my accomodation priority would be those with children-friendly. Oh, she's so lucky,she'll be 10 months and already going overseas. I have to be married before realizing my own dream.

This weekend, gotta buy new clothes and a pair of shoes for the lil' girl, the photoshoot will be on the 28th. Hmm I always wanted to buy her Adidas track suit but it was out of season in Singapore. Anybody know where can I find it here?

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