Wednesday, April 14

Little update after long hiatus

Been slacking off again. Not so much has happened the past few weeks anyway other than Zara been admitted on 23rd March for high fever which leads to febrile fit :(
It was the longest yet scariest 90 secs of our life which will be written in another entry soon.
Marlia blogged about it here right after she visited us. (thank you darling for being right by our side, you both know we LOVE you right?)

We don't really have so many friends but we know who they are & they're always there for us :)
Zara loves, loves having 'em around during those thoughtful visits.
Surely make us feel loved all those phone calls,smses, do'a & get well wishes!
My family came (that includes my brother, SIL & grandma) & brought laughters with them.

Most of all we thank Allah for blessings and reminder not to take high fever for granted anymore.
We're all prepared with thermoscan now ;)



On another note,I'm all geared up to focus on Aresha's reading lessons. Problem is she can read & thinks she can read.
She thought reading is about making up own words (especially her favorite books).
So, she excel in those books & clueless on other material. She has limited patience on spelling one by one. However there's one trick that works everytime. Spelling info on PHDC channel!
See, wasn't that easy to raise an artist. Understanding that little mind of hers take loadsa patience and mommy ashamed to admit sometimes she ran out of it :(

Haih, this is definitely random update. Am now typing away without specific direction on where the next sentence is heading to.

It's 2am now, off to la-la land! Keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow will be another entry! xox


KS said...

dah ok semuanya? kesian zara.. :(

i voren mmg selalu dalam stock walaupun jarang guna. just in case kalau2 anak2 i kena high fever.

u too take care. sekarang ni cuaca panas so byk2 minum air ya :)

Zach Reza said...

Alhamdulillah :)

Tu la sekarang dah simpan stock, better safe than sorry kan?

Thanks babe, tu la stay dalam rumah pun terasa panasnya!