Friday, April 23

Girlfriends are forever!

Y'know what they say, girlfriends are forever (not diamond ok, and I think I've just made that up :P)
Me and Marlia, we go waaaaaay back.
Back in primary school we went to different school (rivalry school though, same school different session), dubbed the best primary school in Kluang. At first she's kinda cynical, because her best friend had a crush on me (or some sort puppy love,whatever you wanna call it, we never date at all!) I remember her giving me a cold glance whenever I pass by her class.
That was standard 6. Oh, I forgot, she's also an athlete, particularly netball, hockey(?) err correct me if I'm wrong darling, hehe. So you get the picture, the popular one ;)

Amazingly, by form 1, we clicked instantly, went to the same school. We were literally inseparable, like sisters! Sleepover, double dates, yang paling tak boleh blah, we wrote to each other almost every day! Crazyyyyyy! So we shared our secrets,gossips, boys we had crush on (like any normal schoolgirl!), sometimes we'd go sulking for days. Man, this is starting to sound like a typical high school series except ours was a rated U (unrated for you overseas readers) version, hehe.

I'm glad that after all these years & separated for a couple of years, we're still the same. Still here for each other and now even our husbands are good friends! (Funnily enough, we both married eldest, footie fan, kinda reserved men)
They also love our children like their own ;) How cool is that?

There's more to write but I'll leave it at here, bottomline is, I just wanna express how lucky I was to have a girlfriend like her :) Here's to many more years of giggles, cries & wonderful memories to come!


Liea said...

Babe, I'm crying while reading it... Such a memories right... one thing for sure it will never faded. Write to each other... LOL I'll keep all those writing until I married.... If the boys read I'm sure they wont understand....

Love you so much babe!

Zach Reza said...

haha kita sama2 cengeng :P

I'm not sure if I still have it, ntah2 ada kot, so funny right? Nobody can understand that, haha sampai sekarang rasa nak tergelak pun ada, rasa sweet gila pun ada!
One thing for sure, love you babe!

ERMAYUM said...

salam :) dropping by from Liea's blog - sweet eh all this friendship - :)

Zach Reza said...

hi Ermayum :)
Thanks for dropping by.
Ah yeah she's sweet and this friendship is too precious!
I'm glad we're tight as ever after all these years!