Friday, February 24

Domestic goddess

I can't believe how I've become so obsessed with cooking. I surf for recipes most of the time apart from doing my duty as Couchsurfing Ambassador (replying emails to you and me)I cook like 3 times a day. Breakfast is a must as I'd devotedly wakes up at 7.15 to make a hearty meal for my dearest. We usually have heavy breakfast so my next meal would be around 3 or 4. I'm usually busy around 2.30 to 5.00 pm as I keep myself busy with Philipino soap ( a rerun, haha!) and then fixing up meals for Aresha and the whole family. I'm sooo into Chinese cooking or (fusion perhaps?) My ingredients are usually ginger,garlic,sesame oil, light and dark soy sauce, hoisin etc. And last night I've successfully made a sphagetti sauce with fresh basil and button mushroom to eat with meatballs and Warm Chicken Salad with homemade garlic dressing. Too bad I didn't take any pictures (too hungry/busy to take one)

For the past 30 days I've been stocking foodstuff/ingredients every week be it shopping at Jusco,Carrefour and markets. I'm head over heels for fresh herbs and organic veges. Jusco had great selection of organic vege and delicate fresh herbs like oregano, basil, thyme,dill,rosemary etc which really helps with my Italian dish.
And boy, Romaine lettuce, Butterhead lettuce, rockets can be easily found there!
I'm really worried that I'll gain pounds from cooking my favorite dishes but I guess since we've been eating nutritionous food, a few healthy pounds should be okay.

I promised my dear long-time friend KS, Aresha's pics and I realized that we didn't take so much pictures of her anymore. The last time we took it was on our 2nd Wedding Anniversary which is last month and it's in my dearie's removable hard disk so I'll post that later.

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