Monday, November 15

I'm NOT pregnant (so don't ask any irrelevant question)

Random questions from guys (they don't really know me, let's just say, these are acquaintances I've made for quite some time,10 yrs)

'Kak,if you're pregnant,better don't try,might have some effect to your pregnancy' upon husband trying some hologram bangle ;)

No need to argue I just smile.

Recently at IMC's 10th Anniversary party, As asked me, 'pregnant lagi ke?' while signalling at my belly.

Mannnnn! I quickly say NOOOOOO I'm not! He smiled sheepishly knowing that somehow he offended me in some way,heheh.
OMG! It's too obvious isn't it? Am putting too much weight recently and still wearing tight-fitting clothes, tak sedar diri betulll!
Lost merely 2kg in a 6 days stint in HK and quickly reach overweight scale once we return :(

Though I'm secretly happy that it can be mistaken as pregnant belly but it's frustrating that I can't fit most of my size 26 jeans. Pathetic.

What am I waiting for,sit up while blogging is not a too bad idea isn't it? ;)

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