Thursday, September 2

Me love you long time!

Now where would you first heard that phrase? None other than Vietnam!
Strangely the first time we tasted the famous Pho' Bo was in Paris, near rue de Tolbiac in Chinatown.

So,yesterday,skuirtgun told me,he's going to Vietnam for a conference in October,few days after we return from HK. I quickly put on my sweetest smile and asked him, "Can I come along?"
He'll have a room for himself,would be a waste to sleep alone right? ;)

When he broke the news he teased me with "Looks like I'm going to Vietnam before you,"
I was like no wayyyy! I've always wanted to go there! Pretty please!

Come on darling,me love you long time, take me with you, promise I won't spend a single buck (err,not really, I can have all the croissants I want,right?)

We'll see,but I won't give up easily fo' sho' :P

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Liea said...

bestnya... when in october? nak ikut gaks!! hahahahah