Wednesday, February 28

Momma's day

It's momma's birthday today, Happy 53rd ma!

I'm supposed to bake a birthday cake and cook dinner for a small get-together party tonite, but I guess it has to be postponed till tomorrow as momma & Fara's not feeling well.Called to wish her and she said she'll treat us all for lunch on Saturday, Yeay! They'll definitely be here for few days and on Friday, Marlia has offered to take us all to OU, got free vouchers from her to bring Aresha to Kidzsport again! So lucky Aresha to have Aunty Marlia!

On another note,I'm refraining myself from baking breads (and eating them too!)Gotta exercise more before I'm turning into a balloon again, lol! Am I expecting again? Hmm we're absolutely extra careful on tht. Just rapid weight gain kot, since I'm not producing as much milk as I used to. I may just be paranoid, boo hoo!

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