Thursday, October 12

New post, new home

Just got back our internet connection after almost a forthnight of excruciating wait.
It's great to have a place to call our own :) Dear has been busy with drilling new wall shelf,blinds, curtain rods and lamps, all for this coming raya.
We had a shopping spree @ IKEA last Saturday and it was the first time I saw dear got really excited in buying stuffs there. (Usually it was me trying to convince him that we need to buy certain things while he's telling me not to as we don't have a home of our own) His eyes lit up, going thru his lists , oh I just love it when we share the same interest!
Luckily I managed to bring along homecooked Singapore Noodles and fried chicken for Aresha, talk about saving some penny, healthy nutritious meal and avoid here screaming all at once! She took almost 45 minutes to finish her meal (and her own sweet tiem too!)before we proceed to more shopping.
We didn't even realize that it's almost break fast while we were at the check out, end up having ice cream and their famous curry puff for buka puasa
It was dearie birthday anyway and since I've already got payment frm M.c.K.i.n.s.e.y
it was my treat of Classic Pizza, Calamari and Seafood Tagliatelle. Portion was huge as we even take away for sahur.
Well, since we moved in I try to occupy myself with the usual chores i,e : washing clothes by hand [I'm so used to it, it's very satisfying, Ain would definitely agree with me :)]I've always wanted a washer-dryer machine but since dear's clothes need tlc (read -hand washing) I ditched that idea to the drain, it's not so hard, I got all the time in the world, hehe, plus it's only laundry of the 3 of us, why bother waste money right?
During Ramadhan, my cooking preparations start as early as 8.30 am. I have to make use of Aresha's sleeping time as she'd hold on to my feet, trying not to let me to go to the kitchen. It's not easy peasy to think of berbuka menu. Dear's on low carb diet (no rice)
So far I've tried, pad thai, porridge (Thai style with chicken soup), Hailam mee , Mee goreng mamak, Pot roast chicken served with mashed potato and salad)Wh would've thought cooking would be this pening?

Today, it's gonna be Porridge, served with chicken soup, garnished with fried garlic and shallots, salted egg, lobak asin and fried anchovies with bird eye chilies, onions , don't forget the lime wedges!
I'm gonna make mungbean dessert( in English bubur kacang hijaulah!) and fruit cocktail drink with a splash of ice cream soda.
Better soak the beans now! I need to run to the grocery to buy gula melaka, sago and pandan leaves. Toodles!

Updated: I changed my menu last minute to Hainanese Chicken Rice complete with chilli and ginger sauce. It was my first attempt, a success!

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