Wednesday, March 29

Wake up call

After a deep and very satisfactory conversation with my dearie just now i felt much better. I almost break down(err am I exaggerating? ;) when I realized that something went so wrong. I guess I have to be strong, and think that this is all just temporary. Everything happen for a reason and due to 'unnatural circumstances' it's time to move on and have a privacy of our own. Aresha needs her own space a too! Enough sharing with mommy and daddy.It's now so clear that when you have something right under your nose, you won't be able to see and appreciate it, but when it's gone, there's no turning back. we often take things for granted and I always remind myself to be grateful for what we have now.
What keeps me sane is the presence of my dearest who's always listening albeit Pages and MOnkey Say hectic schedule, and of course my lil' Funny Girl. Oh yeah and my 'day companion' sister-in-law. We'd talk, blurt everything out while watching soap and America's Next Top Model.

{Aresha was laughing, giggling while watching the Opening Night of Ice Age 2}
The new characters (squirrels) are so hillarious, she had never laughed that way.
And I hate to admit this but as this is also work as her development journal, she'd dance with her hands holding her shirt up ala belly dancer,perhaps? to Aduh Saliha.
No thanks to AF.

I should blog more, how many times did I promise myself to do that?Maybe someone should knock my head or yell "Start Blogging!" Write something!

Ok, no promise, I'll write when I feel like writing. Nitey!

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