Tuesday, October 18

Home sweet home!

Touched down at KLIA from London yesterday 1730. NO jet lag but need to get a good rest since we are so worn out from the approximately one month travel.
BAdly need to buy a new buggy for Aresha. Heathrow cargo people are so bad, they broke and bruise her lil' carrier.
Aresha had a little fever as we board on the plane @ Heathrow. She were crying most of the time and refused to sleep on the bassinet.
So many things to write, a journal of our travel would be a great idea to compile everything. Soon I hope!
It's great to be home, met my mom, bro, beloved grandma before heading back to our tiny but sooooo comfy bed.
Ah, heaven! All in all we've seen the best of Europe and would always prefer MAlaysia no matter how hot the weather is! (Europe weather is cool, breezy and no wonder the people there don't shower as much!)
We miss MAlaysian food badly! Cheap, tasty, spicy everythinglah!
Will definitely put up more pics soon (as soon as I get enough sleep)
Happy Ramadhan!

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